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Capella® WF

Capella® WF

Capella® WF

Capella® WF is an ultra high performance essentially wax-free refrigeration compressor lubricant designed for the lubrication of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors where refrigerants other than hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are used. Capella WF contains premium narrow-cut naphthenic base oils in a formulation designed to offer very low temperature fluidity with an extremely low pour point and Freon Floc point.

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Customer Benefits

  • Extremely low pour point and Freon Floc point helps ensure essentially wax-free and efficient evaporator, line and control operation 
  • Ultra high performance lubricity and low temperature fluidity promotes system wear protection, efficiency and optimum uptime 
  • Advanced thermal stability aids resistance to harmful gum, varnish and deposit formation, helping reduce maintenance downtime 
  • Reliable oxidation resistance contributes to oil thickening protection, long fluid service life and extended oil change intervals 
  • Suitability for use with a wide range of refrigerants helps reduce inventory complexities and potential misapplications


  • Efficient keep-clean system operation 
  • Reliable system wear protection 
  • Harmful gum, varnish and deposit protection 
  • Oil thickening resistance 
  • Long fluid service life 
  • Suitability for use with a wide range of refrigerants


• Reciprocating and rotary refrigeration compressors 

• Air conditioning systems 

• Refrigeration systems using chlorofluoro-carbons (CFCs)

Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer’s maintenance practices.

For full product description see the PDS