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Molytex® EP2

Molytex® EP2

Molytex® EP2

Molytex® EP2 is a proven performance multipurpose lithium grease primarily designed for a wide range of applications in construction, mining and agricultural equipment where extreme pressure and shock load protection is required.Molytex EP2 is formulated with a highly refined ISO VG 220 mineral base oil in combination with a lithium soap thickener and robust extreme pressure additives. Molytex EP2 offers further protection through the presence of rust and corrosion inhibitors and molybdenum disulfide solid lubricant.

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Customer Benefits

  • EP additives combined with molybdenum disulphide solid lubricating film offer robust wear protection under high and shock loads
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors help protect vulnerable components under wet operating conditions
  • Molybdenum solid lubricant continues to offer a level of protection when an insufficient amount of grease remains in place


  • Automotive applications, including chassis grease point lubrication
  • Construction, earthmoving, quarrying, mining and agricultural equipment
  • Pins, bushings and other sliding surfaces or pivot points and anti-friction bearings
  • Ball joints, universal joints (U-joints)
  • High and shock load applications

Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer’s maintenance practices.

For full product description see the PDS