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Delo® 6170 CFO 40

Delo® 6170 CFO 40

Delo® 6170 CFO 40

High Alkaline Reserve, Chlorine-Free Railroad Diesel Engine Oil

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Customer Benefits

• Reduces maintenance costs

High alkaline reserve ensures that corrosive acids formed by the combustion of fuel sulfur are effectively neutralized, thereby minimizing corrosive wear without causing valve distress due to “guttering”. The special “zinc-free”, ashless antiwear additive system protects components from abrasive and adhesive wear, and guards against attack of silver plated bearings.


• Maintains high power output

Superior thermal and oxidation stability assist the detergent/dispersant additive system in providing excellent control of high temperature deposits in areas such as the undercrown of the piston and piston ring belt area, enabling piston rings to function efficiently.


• Prolongs oil change-out periods

Base Number (BN) level and superior alkalinity retention characteristics maintain sufficiently high BN under all service conditions to ensure corrosive acids formed by the combustion of fuel sulfur are effectively neutralized.


Premium performance, 17 Base Number, “zinc-free”, LMOA Generation 5 diesel engine oil, utilizing chlorinefree additive technology, for use in railroad-type diesel engines, particularly modern higher output, lower oil consumption designs. Compared with Generation 4 oils, it has significantly enhanced alkaline reserve and oxidation resistance.


  • Medium speed, two and four-cycle railroad-type diesel engines.
  • Including the most recent high-output, low oil consumption designs, whether in railroad, stationary or marine service
  • Certain medium speed marine-type engines without active purification systems

Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer’s maintenance practices.

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