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Get up to R2* back with UCount Rewards from Standard Bank

Collect rewards points with every fuel purchase. Get up to R2* back in rewards points from UCount Rewards for every litre of fuel you purchase at participating Caltex forecourts:

  • When using a qualifying Standard Bank personal Credit, Cheque or Debit card to pay for fuel purchases at Caltex forecourts
  • Based on the rewards tier and the Standard Bank card used, members will collect rewards points for every litre of fuel
Card Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Credit 20c 40c 60c R1 R2
Cheque/Debit 20c 30c 40c 50c 50c

Collecting rewards points on your fuel purchases at Caltex is limited to 20% of your total qualifying montly card spend. This means that UCount Rewards will total all fuel purchases made on your Debit/Cheque and/or Credit card (excluding non-Caltex fuel, tolls and casino purchases) to calculate your qualifying fuel spend.

UCount Rewards members will not get rewards points back for fuel:

  • For any fuel purchases made inside a Caltex convenience store, including FreshStop and with a convenience store POS terminal
  • When using corporate cards and garage cards to pay for fuel purchases.

UCount Rewards members can pay for fuel at Caltex forecourts only:

  • With their rewards points using an activated UCount Rewards card
  • If a UCount Rewards member does not have enough rewards points, they can part-pay with their qualifying Standard Bank personal Credit, Cheque or Debit card

Did you know?

The FreshStop at your Caltex is a Participating Rewards Retailer on the UCount Rewards program where you can collect up to 6.25%* back in rewards points on purchases and also redeem your rewards points for purchases. Click here for more information.

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*Visit the UCount Rewards website for more information, including terms & conditions.


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