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Havoline® Super 2T

Havoline® Super 2T

Havoline® Super 2T is a low smoke, semi-synthetic two-stroke motor oil, designed for use in engines requiring JASO FC or ISO EGC performance. It is suitable for use in air and liquid-cooled two-stroke motorcycle or tricycle engines fitted with exhaust catalysts. Havoline Super 2T is formulated with a low ash additive system, reducing spark plug fouling under all operating conditions.

Customer Benefits
  • Semi-synthetic formulation and good friction characteristics help protect against engine wear, scuffing and offer increased engine life.
  • Low ash additive system reduces spark plug fouling and helps increase spark plug service life.
  • Designed for use in a range of engines where JASO FC or ISO EGC performance lubricants are required, including high output machines operating under severe service
  • Superior lubricity to reduce wear
  • Effective control of ash and carbon deposits to maintain power and acceleration
  • Low ash additive system promotes long spark plug life
  • Superior combustion characteristics to reduce smoke in exhaust emissions
  • Performance specification standards include:




  • Air and liquid-cooled two-stroke motorcycle engines
  • Particularly suitable for Japanese high performance motorcycle engines
  • Japanese two-stroke engines fitted to portable power equipment (other than chainsaws)
  • Oil-injected engines (except marine outboard) where no fuel/oil premixing is required
  • Air-cooled, oil-gasoline premix engines at manufacturers’ recommended gasoline to-oil ratios, up to 50:1
  • Two-stroke motorcycle and motor tricycle engines fitted with exhaust catalysts
  • Not recommended for use in marine outboard engines, in chainsaw or in CNG or LPG-fuelled engines.