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Hypoid LD SAE 85W-90

Hypoid LD SAE 85W-90

Extreme Pressure, “Long Drain” Automotive Gear Oil

Customer Benefits
  • Extended oil drain intervals Special frictional properties significantly lower axle running temperatures for cooler operation and less heat stress on the oil. Thermally stable EP system provides improved protection against pitting and wear, enabling extended drain capability compared with alternative technology oils.
  • Associated fuel savings Special frictional properties give rise to improved axle efficiency with demonstrated fuel economy benefits under controlled conditions.
  • Long gear life Thermally stable EP system limits corrosion of copper-containing bearings and bushings and provides improved steel pitting protection under severe conditions. The EP system also provides superior anti-wear protection of gear teeth, even under low speed, high torque and shock loading conditions.

Product features: Premium performance, multipurpose, EP automotive gear lubricant specifically designed to meet Mercedes-Benz Sheet 235.6 requirements for “long drain” service in heavy-duty vehicle axles. Suitable also for many other drive axle applications for which API GL-5 gear lubricants are specified.

  • Rear axles and other components of Mercedes-Benz, MAN and other European heavy-duty vehicles for both normal and long drain service
  • Other automotive hypoid and spiral bevel drive axles for which API GL-5 oils are specified

Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment Extreme Pressure, “Long Drain” Automotive Gear Oilmanufacturer’s recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer’s maintenance practices.

For full product description see the PDS