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Soluble Oil

Soluble Oil

Soluble Oil D is an efficient performance general purpose soluble oil, formulated with selected base oils, coupling agents and a high level of emulsifiers. It forms a very stable emulsion even when mixed with relatively hard water. Soluble Oil D is formulated with significant levels of detergency agents and reserve alkalinity, low foaming tendencies and biocides to help combat the wide spectrum of bacteria found in sumps and reservoirs.

Customer Benefits
  • Detergency performance keeps grinding wheels free of grit and rapidly settles fines while also assisting with chip flushing, keeping the workpiece clean and increasing wheel service life
  • Low foam tendency contributes to high-speed operating performance
  • Good cooling and lubricity help reduce heat and friction and contribute to improved dimensional accuracy and surface finish
  • Rapid flushing and fine settlement
  • Low foaming tendency
  • High alkalinity formulation
  • Light machining such as drilling, planing, milling, sawing and turning operations on a variety of carbon and alloy steels ranging from soft to medium hardness, particularly where carbide tip tooling is being used
  • Recommended for grinding operations where very clean emulsions are typically required to permit rapid settling of fines

Always confirm that the product selected is consistent with the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendation for the equipment operating conditions and customer’s maintenance practices.

For full product description see the PDS